Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Obsidian Man Released

My second novel, a YA fantasy entitled The Obsidian Man, was just released from JMS Books. I spent many hours trying to update my LGBT Bookshelf page (or, is it GLBT Bookshelf? So many letters so little time).


  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if there would be a continuation of the story. I am interested in learning more about whether there will be further developments of a possible war, why Holt felt that his family did not like him and that if he stayed with them that he would die even though his mother saved him and tried so hard to protect him before she died, more information on demons and where they come from and what their plans are, more about the trolls and how their thought processes seem similar to humans when you understand them and how this may affect any possible communication with humans, Holt's ability to become a part of the cold at the end which seems similar to Keone's ability to become a part of fire or heat, Holt's feelings for Kawika, Holt's arrival and training in VaSaad, more information on the Danann and if they just have same sex relationships, Holt's ability leave his body and view the world from above, how the old man knew two people were in the maze since I was thinking that the maze was a construct built by Keone and Holt and not something already there, information on the three essences that were in the maze at the end of the book that left before being consumed by the fire like the others, the consequences of the Danann not taking sides in any possible future war, how Holt can learn so well simply by watching or feeling, and especially Holt's future relationship with Keone as well as with the other characters. Well, this is what I am wondering about so far. I would really like to read more of the story. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Michelle. That's a lot of questions! I hope you enjoyed the story so far. I would very much like to write more about Holt and all the Danann--I have plans for a series of seven books (there is a specific reason for exactly seven, but that's to be revealed later). Certainly if there are enough people asking questions I will be happy to provide all the answers (meaning more books in the series).

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hello,

    I was just wondering what the tentative schedule might be for any second installment in the series being released. Thanks again.

  4. There is no date scheduled yet for the next book in the series. As soon as that changes I will update you.

  5. can you give us a idea to what year or what season this year the next book will be coming out?