Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Book Drawing Winners

On March 29th I posted a guest blog over at Michele N Lisa, and asked for suggestions re: a domainname for myself since obviously was taken.  I said I'd draw at least one name randomly for a win and then either draw another random or pick someone's suggestion and give them a free book too.

Well, just to keep you in suspense a bit longer...  I want to thank everyone for commenting here or at MNL or sending me an email.  The response was so phenomenal that everyone's odds got to 1-in-5!  (Which is actually better than I expected.)

The random winner is (altho he/she technically cheated and entered twice!)

I also decided to send the second copy to because I hope to use her suggestion.

So, I need you both to send me shipping info (and just a warning I will be sending these as cheaplyinexpensively as possible, even unto utilizing sled-dogs and carrier pidgeons).  If I haven't heard from you in a couple days I'll hit you with emails and then, after a few more days, pick someone else!

Thanks again to everyone who wrote in by whichever means.

P.S. -  There are currently two reviews of the book over on Goodreads.


  1. I entered twice?! I didn't know that! I thought one email was one entry :P But yes, I gave two options in that one email. Sigh, I should learn to read better :/ Sorry!

  2. I was just teasing Luciatea. I meant that you commented on the blog and sent me an email too. Both I only entered your name once.

  3. Ah ok, than ist's good :P I am against cheating, that's why :) I read your post again and I didn't even see that line about commenting on your blog before :P