Friday, April 1, 2011


It's official, Carol and I are getting married! I know, I know, I swore I wouldn't ever go down that road again after last time. But the fact is she's pregnant! That's right, we're expecting #3! Jon Jr and Little Flobus might finally get that sister they've been hoping for (in case you haven't been keeping up on developments, the specialist finally did declare Flobus officially male after his second birthday).

Anyway, no date's been set yet. Stay tuned for updates as we iron things out. Her father has still vowed to kill me and of course my folks don't want me to marry out of the faith--so we may just elope, but dear Carol has her heart set on a big ceremony down at the VFW Hall. I'll let you know in plenty of time!

Happy April 1st!


  1. o___O I don't even know if there IS an emoticon for this! April is such a FUN month for new beginnings.

  2. Wow, that is a happy Aprils 1st! Congrats on getting married!

  3. There are so many things about this post that I do not understand! CAROL? Jon Jr.? FLOBUS?! Married? WTH?! Is this some kind of April Fool's joke of yours?! I seem to remember you liking April Fools Day! You've been a busy bee in the last 4 yrs.! Obviously there is much you have to fill me in on since the last time we saw each other.

  4. Hmmm, Robin, I think you're right :P Plus it would be a sad marriage if none of the parents agreed with it, I'm so bad at seeing if something is a April Fools joke :P So it could also be true..