Thursday, March 24, 2011

The First Thing...

So, despite numerous grumblings promising otherwise, I am starting a blog.  You heard it here first, on my blog...

My thought is, I'll use it as a website until I can see about...Wait for it!...A website.

All my advisors (meaning the people that I pester with questions until they answer me just to get some peace) say I should buy a domain name, specifically my domain name, but surprise! is taken.  So, I am trying to decide on a second choice.  I'm torn between or  I could also do jonwilson.(something other than com like .info or .us).  But those same smart people who say I should buy a domain name say I should stick with .com if at all possible.  Heavy dramatic sigh.

Y'know, I could try and use this conundrum to my advantage...   MichelenJeff Reviews and More is looking for guest bloggers and I am trying to spur some (any) interest in my book and I have some free copies to give away...  I could have a drawing!  S'matter of fact I think I will...!  Details to follow...


  1. A blog is a good start. Keep questions coming!

  2. How about You know what the "S" stands for! Congratulations on the birth of your blog! The hard part (of most things, I find!) is getting you've got that out of the way!

  3. Actually, in Europe I am already known as Jon S. Wilson!

  4. Would show up on searches as readily as or whatever, if people put Jon Wilson as the search term? There are lots of Jon Wilson's out there, so or similar might help them find the right you.