Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cradling Diotima’s Child

There are a lot of sweet moments that derive from getting a book published. There’s that happy thrill of hearing a publisher actually wants it. There’s the sort of weird kick you get when you glimpse the drafts of cover art (usually—at least in my case—the first time you ever see your creation interpreted through the eyes of someone else). There’s even the fun pain of hearing from an editor that certain parts of your opus are not quite what they could be... But, for me, nothing could quite compare with holding that book—the actual book!—in my hands for the first time.

Do you think this was what happened to Plato? Someone nailed his pamphlet to the wall of the gymnasium, inspiring the dialogue between Diotima and Socrates in The Symposium? No? Me neither.

But I tell you, the feeling is sweet!

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