Friday, August 12, 2016

Pink Lemonade Blog Tour Prize Winner Announced!

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The Pink Lemonade Blog Tour is Officially Over!
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05/19/2016: Rick R. Reed Reality
05/20/2016: Meg Perry Books
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The breakdown for the autographed copies of the two Declan Colette books was as follows:
The entries (all commentators were entered, except for hosts on their own sites)

I then generated a random number based on the number of entries:

The winner is Aussie54/Gaycrow/Anonymous (who statistically had the best chance!)


  1. Pleased to see this. I already have the first Declan Colette book, so I'm not sure if you'd like to offer that to someone else. Also, if you like, to save postage, I'm happy to have an ebook copy of the second book.


    1. Or you could give the second copy as a gift!

      I don't mind sending print copies at all. I love the look on my small town postmaster's face when I tell him where things are going. I believe he mistakenly thinks I am quite worldly.

      Contact me @

    2. Thanks, Jon, have just sent you an e-mail.

  2. The books just arrived this morning. Thank you very much again, for being so generous. They look very smart. As much as I enjoy the convenience of e-books, it's lovely to have a "solid" book to hold and read, with the smell of the paper, and the feel of a shiny cover (with the bonus of being able to use a real bookmark). Cheers and best wishes.

    1. No problem! Do you know I've never read an ebook?!

    2. Goodness! I have 154 Kindle books from Amazon, and 567 ebooks on my Sony eReader. I wouldn't have room for that many paper copies of those books. Plus they're usually cheaper, which is a bonus, when you have to watch the pennies.