Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cheap as Beasts Named Lammy Finalist

The finalists for the 28th Annual Lambda Literary Awards were announced yesterday. Cheap as Beasts, the first Declan Colette mystery, was included! I had to take a 24-hour breath before posting this.

I'm very excited and proud and hope that a few more people might read it as a result (we live in hope). A caveat, all the reporting I've seen lists the author as Jonathon Wilson. That's not my name! Oh, well, honestly, they can say Johnny Appleseed wrote it as long as they get the title right!


  1. I first found your work through the A Hundred Little Lies audio book and I gotta say, I have re-listened to that several times and thoroughly enjoyed myself over and over again.

    Then I got it in my head, why not look up more of this author's work? Why has this taken me so long! I was not disappointed. I was so impressed with this book, never really had one of those moments where I wanted to put it down and do something else. And as soon as I was finished, I immediately started to devour Every Unworthy Thing. I just finished it, and sir, you are incredibly good at what you do. I SINCERELY hope that there will be more Declan Colette mysteries in the future. I got so many questions about that man haha. This book deserves this award and so much exposure, gonna tell all my friends about it (may have already)

    Thank you so much for writing these books, all your books. Thank you :)

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them. I am currently working on number three (which has a working title, but which I can only call Number 3 for now).

    2. Oh man I'm so excited! I'll keep my eyes peeled!