Sunday, June 22, 2014

TV and Movie Title Mash-Ups

So, over at the Absolute Write Watercooler, someone started a thread entitled "Cross-Over Episodes That Should Never Happen" (or something like that). It's rather similar to the Hollywood Game Night game called "Movie Mash-Ups". I participated and came up with the following. If you belong to the Watercooler you should check out the other ones too.

One of the FBI's Most Wanted gets himself incarcerated at a minimum security women's prison to help a female inmate catch international terrorists:

Orange is the New Black List

A young werewolf makes a killing in the stock market but descends into drug-abuse and crime:

Teen Wolf of Wall Street

A cross-dressing princess raises dragons in a medieval world of magic and violence:

The Crying Game of Thrones

A gay pianist and his volatile lover attempt to survive after the Rapture:

Left Behind the Candelabra

Criminal insects infest organized crime in New Jersey:

Boardwalk Empire of the Ants (Eh, they can't all be great!)

A corrupt Politician returns to college and joins a rowdy frat:

Animal House of Cards

Two uber-cool seventies cops help a young girl dying of cancer:

The Fault in Our Starsky and Hutch

A ridiculously sexy but remarkably depressed ad man tries to make a life for him and his disabled friend:

Of Mice and Mad Men

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