Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Okay, so after the recent debacle of Scandal reaching back into last century's Playbook of Tropes to Bury Their Gays, I've been having a conversation online about whether there are any laudable gay characters on broadcast tv. Most of the opposition to my contention that there are DAMNED FEW is that we (meaning, I assume, "us gays") are culturally "winning"...But honestly, what exactly are we winning?

Jeff Perry as a shady Gay and Dan Bucatinsky as the hubby who pays the ultimate price...

I visited GLAAD's site and found their list. Interesting to note that two of the five are from cancelled shows (no longer airing) and two of the remaining three are a couple on the same show.

Cameron and Mitchell, lovable but alone in the tv landscape?

I'll be the first to admit that Scandal left me feeling stricken (I loved that show despite it's ridiculous plots and really felt personally offended by what it did) and may be conflating this loss of gay tv characters as a result. I'd be very interested in hearing what others think.

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